Is Washington in Unilateralist Overdrive

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President Bush has repeated his ominous warning to Saddam Hussein that a pre-emptive strike of Iraq by the US is possible in the interests of this country and "our friends and allies." But how do those "friends and allies" feel? Is the world's only superpower becoming an arrogant bully, or is it obliged to pursue and defend its own interests despite what others may think? As President Bush issues new threats to Iraq, we speak with European and Arab journalists, a public policy analyst, and former Republican Party spokesman Cliff May about the risks and benefits of what critics call America's "unilateral" foreign policy.
  • Newsmaker: House Approves Campaign Finance Bill
    Campaign finance reform has passed the House after 17 hours of debate and seven years of campaigning. If it can pass the Senate a second time and be signed by President Bush, it will constitute the biggest change in America's political system in a generation. Bill Schneider, senior political analyst for CNN, takes a look at what the legislation means for Democrats, Republicans, and campaign contributors.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Singles on Valentine's Day
    In America's 2000 census, one-person households outnumbered "married families with children" for the first time. That's from an article in Britain's Economist on how singles are shaping the culture, lifestyles and economies of American cities. Economist and author Joel Kotkin has more on the "singular" development that's attracted the attention of advertisers, marketers and urban developers.

Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2001 (HR 2356)


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