Israel and Palestinians at War in West Bank

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Israel has begun what it calls a "long term" military assault on the Palestinian Territories, including Yasser Arafat's official compound, but denies any intention to harm to the Palestinian leader. Meantime, Arafat has told Arab TV he hopes to become a "martyr," and Jerusalem has suffered suicide bombing. Calling on Israel to consider the wisdom of its actions, Secretary of State Colin Powell has admonished Palestinian terrorists who have put an end to the "guarded optimism" of recent days. We get reports from the scene and opinions from Israelis, Palestinians and former State Department officials about what can be done to avert all-out war. We also get a frank response from former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
  • Newsmaker: Israeli Forces Attack Arafat's Headquarters
    The Israeli military has stepped up its assault on Yasser Arafat's compound with bursts of stun grenades and heavy shooting. Daniel Williams, of The Washington Post, has the latest developments in the Israeli "squeeze plan" that has turned the city of Ramallah into a virtual ghost town.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Arab Reaction to Events in the Middle East
    It's becoming increasingly difficult for moderate Arabs and Arab states to maintain diplomatic ties with Israel after that country's humiliation of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. Dan Ephron, special correspondent for Newsweek, is in Amman, Jordan.

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