Israel and the Dissidents in Its Army

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While Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon enjoys warm support from President Bush, Sharon's actions in the West Bank and Gaza have become increasingly controversial within Israel. The Intifada still rages, and a growing number of soldiers are refusing to serve in the occupied territories, claiming that Israeli policy is doing more harm than good. In a nation where the role of the Army is crucial, can a dissident group hope to influence Israel's policies toward the Palestinians? As Sharon lobbies Washington to further isolate Yasser Arafat, we hear the soldiers' grievances, get the Army's response, and learn what growing dissent in Israel's Army could mean for policy in the West Bank and Gaza.
  • Newsmaker (Local Broadcast): Israeli Prime Minister Sharon Visits Washington
    Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is in Washington to meet with President Bush. The White House has indicated that it won't cut ties with Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, who is under virtual house arrest in Ramallah, and will ask Sharon to ease restrictions imposed on the Palestinian people. Udi Segal, correspondent with Israel's Channel 2 News, is travelling with the Prime Minister.
  • Newsmaker: US Missile May Have Hit Bin Laden
    Although CIA Director George Tenet isn't certain whether Osma bin Laden is alive or dead, Washington officials believe he might have been killed in eastern Afghanistan by a Hellfire missile launched from a CIA drone. Phil Coyle is a former assistant defense secretary who was in charge of field testing new technology.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Salt Lake City Olympics and Corruption
    Long before they began, this year's Winter Olympic Games were tainted by scandal. Last weekend, the International Olympic Committee's executive board adopted new rules against conflict of interest. Two days later, the same board postponed its enactment. Alan Abrahamson has followed the story from the very beginning for the Los Angeles Times.

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