Israel and the Middle-East Coalition

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Moving beyond the al Qaeda terrorist network, President Bush has frozen the assets of a charity that has been accused of supporting the Palestinian group Hamas, which has claimed responsibility for killing 25 Israelis this past weekend and for many other terrorist acts as well. Bush's action provocatively equates the suicide bombings in Israel with the terrorism directed against the West. Will this latest US-Israeli alliance fracture the coalition brought together to fight the wider war? We weigh the rewards and consequences with a former Israeli national security advisor, an expert on international political violence, a diplomatic correspondent for the Arab daily Al Hayat, and the head of a nonprofit organization dedicated to strong American global leadership.
  • Newsmaker: Anthrax Cross-Contamination Could Reach Thousands - Tens of thousands of pieces of mail may have become infected with anthrax spores that leaked from letters sent to two US senators. A New Jersey Congressman wants to notify those at risk, but the FBI and health authorities disagree. Pulitzer Prize-winning health and science reporter Laurie Garrett is tracking the unfolding chain of events, including the complications of cross-contamination.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Case for Treason against American-Taliban - John Walker was among those captured after the bloody shoot out near Mazar-e-Sharif. Two other prisoners in the custody of the Northern Alliance may also be Americans who fought with the Taliban. Lawyer and military law specialist Eugene Fidell details why Walker, who couldn't be tried by a military tribunal himself, could play an important role in one.

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