Israel Election Primer

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Will Israel's election bring the Middle East peace or war? Tomorrow, voters will choose between a former general who's been accused of war crimes, and an incumbent Prime Minister whose concessions to the Palestinians have brought more violence than peace. The country's changing electorate ranges from Israeli Arabs threatening a boycott, and youth voters too young to remember the wars of the past, to the ultra-orthodox who are willing to trade peace for security. We talk with pollsters, politicos and pundits in the Middle East about what to expect tomorrow - and beyond.
  • Newsmaker: Star Wars without the Spending Buildup - President Bush wants to build a missile defense, potentially the most expensive military project in history, without increasing the defense budget. Is that a contradiction? Col. Daniel Smith is director of the Center for Defense Information.
  • Reporter's Notebook: "BYON"-Bring Your Own Nurse - In an era of managed medicine, "tender" and "loving" are being written out of nursing care. Abigail Trafford, who writes about health and social issues for The Washington Post, says that many families concerned about hospital understaffing are bringing their own nurses.

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