Israel Hits Southern Lebanon; NATO in Afghanistan

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Segment #1: Israel Hit Southern Lebanon, Despite Agreement to Suspend Air Attacks
Israel struck from the air again today in Southern Lebanon, despite yesterday's promise of a 48-hour suspension. Prime Minister Olmert says there will be no cease-fire and that operations will be expanded. Israel has apologized for yesterday's strike in Qana, where 56 civilians were killed when a bombed house collapsed into the basement. Meantime, two Hezbollah rockets hit near Kiryat Shmona in northern Israel. After canceling her trip to Beirut, Secretary of State Rice is returning to Washington, where President Bush has again called for a multi-nation force to support the Lebanese government in Hezbollah strongholds. We get updates from Jerusalem, Beirut, Washington and the United Nations.

Segment #2: NATO Peacekeepers Take Over in Southern Afghanistan
In Afghanistan today, NATO took on its biggest assignment since its founding to oppose the Soviet Union in 1949. NATO's International Security Assistance Force has been assigned to the relatively peaceful north and west of the country for three years. Now British, Dutch and Canadian troops are the main force going south to provide security for Afghans plagued by attacks from Taliban forces and unprotected by a weak central government. With US forces still chasing Osama bin Laden, Mullah Omar and Taliban leaders, and different nations giving their troops different missions, can they work together to provide security against the resurgent Taliban?

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