Israel Rejects Expanded Operations in Southern Lebanon

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The Israeli Security Cabinet met earlier today and decided to scale back plans for an expansion of the military offensive in Lebanon. Instead of talking about eradicating Hezbollah, Israeli officials now speak of establishing a buffer zone alone the border. The decision comes just one day after Israeli troops took heavy casualties, losing nine soldiers in unexpectedly fierce fighting with Hezbollah. Also today, in a taped message, al Qaeda's second in command says his organization has no intention of remaining idle while Israel wages war in Lebanon and Gaza. Guest host Marc Cooper discusses Israel's changing military objectives and Hezbollah's condition after two weeks of attacks, as well as the possible involvement of al Qaeda.
  • Making News: Bolton Appears at Senate Panel's Confirmation Hearing
    Controversial UN Ambassador John Bolton is back up before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee this week. His temporary appointment made last year is expiring and the Bush Administration is seeking his permanent confirmation. Tyler Marshall, who is covering the hearings for the Los Angeles Times, says that although Democrats restated their opposition to Bolton's confirmation, their hearts didn't seem to be in it.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Middle East Violence Affects White House Politics
    Is the Bush White House politically benefiting from the Middle East crisis or are its plans for political recovery going up in smoke? Speaking at a Republican fundraiser last week, Vice President Dick Cheney suggested that the war in Lebanon would help boost GOP chances in November's mid-term elections. Is hat really the case? Peter Baker is a staff writer for the Washington Post.

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