Israeli-Hezbollah Violence; States on Immigration Politics

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Segment #1: More Violence--and Hesitant Diplomacy--in the Middle East
There is international talk--but no action yet--on how to reduce the deadly exchange of bombs and rockets between Israel and Hezbollah. At the G8 summit in Russia, Britain's Tony Blair expressed support for international peacekeepers on the Israeli-Lebanese border. Russia's Vladimir Putin said he might contribute troops. At the United Nations, Secretary General Kofi Annan supported the idea, but US Ambassador John Bolton had reservations. Annan has sent an envoy, who's in Beirut with plans to go to Jerusalem, where Prime Minister Ehud Olmert made a formal speech to the Knesset. We have updates from Jerusalem, Beirut, Damascus and Cairo.

Segment #2: Capitol-Hill Talk--but No Action--on Immigration Reform
Illegal immigration sounds like a federal issue, but even with all three in Republican hands, the House, Senate and White House can't agree on what to do about 11 million undocumented workers already here and more coming into the country everyday. Meantime, virtually every state--not just those who share international borders, must shoulder heavy burdens for education, health care and law enforcement. In at least 30 state capitols, legislators are taking things into their own hands. We hear how American states are trying to fill the federal vacuum on illegal immigration.

UN Secretary General Annan on stabilization force for the Middle East

Jacques Chirac on Middle East peacekeeping force

Tony Blair on

UN Ambassador Bolton on violence in Lebanon

UN Resolution 1559 on the Middle East

Israeli Prime Minister Olmert's address to the Knesset

Nebraska's LB 1248 on health and human services for undocumented immigrants

Nebraska's LB 239 on instate tuition for undocumented immigrant students

Colorado's Initiative 55

Georgia Immigration Security Compliance Act



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