Israeli Voters and a Historic Election

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Next week's Israeli election is billed as a referendum on unilateral withdrawal from 90% of the occupied Palestinian West Bank. That's the policy of the Kadima Party. While right-wing Likud and left-wing Labor are the only parties to lead the government, polls show that the party created by Ariel Sharon, may get the most votes in the historic election. With Sharon in a coma, Kadima is led by interim Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. Likkud's Benjamin Netanyahu says, hold on to the land. Laborite Amir Peretz wants to negotiate with the Palestinians now. Unilateral actions may be popular with Israeli voters in the short term. What will they mean for peace with the Palestinians in the long run? What's the role for the Bush Administration if Kadima wins--or loses?
  • Making News: GM and Delphi Offer Severance Packages to Workers
    General Motors says it has reached a deal with the United Auto Workers that will help cut labor costs and end billions of dollars in losses. Detroit News business columnist Daniel Howes says it's only the "end of the beginning."
  • Reporter's Notebook: Basque Separatist Group Declares Permanent Cease-Fire
    Across the mountainous French-Spanish border, the Basques have long demanded their own, independent country. The separatist group ETA, called a terrorist organization by the US and EU, is blamed for killing more than 800 people during the past four decades. Today, ETA leaders declared a "permanent ceasefire," and asked that Spain and France respect the decision of Basque voters with no limitations. Peter Ford is chief European correspondent for the Christian Science Monitor.

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