Israel's Right To Be There

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Prime Minister Ehud Barak says the current unrest is "a new stage in the fight for our right to be here." What are Israel's rights as a nation? The Jewish State of Israel is only 52 years old, but its right to exist has been challenged since the very beginning. We'll talk to Jewish and Moslem scholars, and hear how Israelis themselves are divided over the rights of Palestinians.
  • Newsmaker: The current bull market is 10 years old today. But some analysts say a bear market is already here, with the tech-dominated Nasdaq index down by 36 percent from its March peak. Meanwhile the Dow Jones utility index is powering along, jumping 37 percent this year. What's going on?
  • Reporter's Notebook: You may never have heard of Eye Blink Hedonia Hypothesis, but you will, as we talk to a Boston neuropsychologist, who says what matters in presidential debates is not who blinks first but who blinks most.



Warren Olney