John Edwards; The Delegates and the Convention

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Primary elections made John Kerry the Presidential nominee months ago and it's been weeks since he picked John Edwards as his running mate, so what's the value of holding a party convention at all? Is the crowd of 5,672 delegates and alternates just a backdrop for a television production? With Edwards tonight's principal speaker, we hear about his record as a trial lawyer and the issue of what Republicans call "tort reform." Is he a poster-boy for frivolous lawsuits or a champion of the little guy? From Boston, Warren Olney has a preview of one of this year's contentious domestic debates, and speaks with delegates from around the country, including the swing states of Ohio and Arizona. Do they like Kerry and Edwards as much as they dislike George Bush?
  • Making News: Kerry Calls for an End to US Dependence on Middle East Oil
    John Kerry has arrived in the Boston area, where he spoke to a last-minute rally at the Charlestown Navy Yard. Meantime, Kerry's hometown Boston Globe has pieced together what's shaping up to be a major theme. Charlie Savage, who wrote the story, reports that in Kerry's speech tomorrow night, he'll make a link between oil dependence, environmental protection, and national security.
  • Reporter's Notebook: 'Alternative' Political Punditry and the Convention
    Here he is again. Harry Shearer, writer, actor, director and host of the public radio program Le Show, has more on the week's activities. Today, his political punditry 'segways' from the week's abysmal TV ratings to a very privately funded send-off of a public official.

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