John Kerry at the DNC

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After four decades in public life, culminating the presidential nomination, John Kerry has become a household word, but his personal life remains a mystery-even to the people who know him well. Tonight, when Kerry accepts the nomination, Democrats will finally hear what they've been waiting for. But energizing the base won't be enough in a close election. Will Kerry raise the curtain on his aloof, public persona and reveal his personal side? Will he resolve what Republicans call his flip-flops on national security? From the Fleet Center in Boston, Warren Olney speaks with the co-author of the only Kerry biography, as well as a former Clinton speechwriter and others about what he needs to say and how he's likely to say it. We also get a preview of the film Democrats hope will define their candidate and find out what Stephen Spielberg has to do with it.
  • Making News: Assessing John Edwards
    Here in Boston, it's all over but the acceptance speech. Has the convention set the stage in a way that will give John Kerry the kind of "bounce" he needs to get a leg up on President Bush? Walter Shapiro, political columnist for USA Today, offers his take on the exaggerated expectations of the made-for-television convention, and the positive power and purpose of John Edwards' speech last night.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Wit and Wisdom from Public Radio's Harry Shearer
    Writer-director-satirist Harry Shearer has been with us all this week in Boston. Today, the host of public radio's Le Show, levels his wit and wise observations on convention parties, the risks and rhetoric of Al Sharpton, the optimism of John Edwards, and the "maple syruping" of John Kerry.

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