Judicial Politics While the War Goes On

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Segment #1: John Roberts Named to Replace Supreme Court Justice O'Connor Republicans are cheering while Democrats are "low key and noncommittal" about last night's choice of Judge John Roberts for the US Supreme Court. Roberts has been called "an ultimate insider with a Midwest calm." Analysts seem to agree that a smart conservative with a scant judicial record may win confirmation without the vastly expensive, high-profile political shoot-out that advocates on both sides have been waiting for. Has President Bush found a way to move the court to the right without a bruising battle? We talk to court watchers for the Washington Post and Time, and a political pro who's written extensively on the Supreme Court and constitutional law.

Segment #2: Insurgency Frustrates Iraqi Efforts at Democracy
As Washington focuses on the US Supreme Court, at a recruiting station that's become a favorite target of suicide bombers, at least 10 people were killed today when another man blew himself up. Meantime, Sunni Muslims have suspended their work on a new Iraqi constitution after two colleagues were assassinated by gunmen. At a Baghdad restaurant, law professor Mijbil Issa told a reporter for the Los Angeles Times he felt safe because he understood the insurgents. Less than an hour later he lay dead on the street outside. As the civilian death toll continues to rise, is the US presence causing more harm than good? We hear conflicting views from a historian, military analyst and the spokesman for the Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari.

  • Making News: Unocal Board Accepts Chevron Bid, What Next?
    Chevron has sweetened its offer to Unocal, and Unocal's board has endorsed it even though it's $4 less than what China National Overseas Oil Company, or CNOOC, is willing to pay. Chris Palmeri, Senior Correspondent for BusinessWeek magazine in Los Angeles, has more on the likely bidding war, Wall Street expectations, and political and national security issues.

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