Kashmir: Terrorists or Freedom Fighters?

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India's terrorists are Pakistan's freedom fighters, even when they're talking about the same people. Sometimes a crime, other times an act of war, "terrorist" means so many things to so many people that Reuters news service won't use it even to describe the attacks on New York and Washington. Is it a strategy of the weak against the strong, the policy of a nation? Do all governments, including ours, apply a double standard for defining terrorism, according to their own interests? We explore terrorism as a word, an idea, and a reality, with political scientists, researchers, journalists, government officials, and authors
  • Newsmaker: First News Conference for Homeland Security Head Ridge - Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge has appeared at his first news conference after a sixth person tested positive for anthrax infection. Dana Milbank of The Washington Post, calls Ridge's appearance with the heads of some 40 organizations involved in the ongoing investigation an attempt to calm an anxious American public.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Embassy Bombing Trial Sentencing - In New York, four men have been sentenced to life-without-parole for the bombing of US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania that killed 224. The jury reportedly dismissed the death penalty for fear of making martyrs of the men. Bruce Hoffman, who has written extensively on the Middle East, reports on how the trial will benefit the war on terrorism.



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