Kerry Carries 10 States, What's Ahead until November?

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With John Edwards out of the race, John Kerry is the almost certain Democratic nominee and his party-s new leader. In just six weeks, Kerry has risen from upset winner in Iowa to presumptive Democratic nominee. He sewed it up yesterday by winning all 10 Super Tuesday states-except Vermont, where he wasn-t running and Howard Dean was the sentimental victor. Now, the Republicans have eight months to make their case and tear Kerry down again. Can he hold his party together? Can he overcome a $150-million effort by a politically savvy White House incumbent? We speak with a political reporter, Republican strategist, and liberal and centrist Democrats, including a former campaigner for Howard Dean.
  • Making News: Haitian Rebel Leader Appoints Himself Military Chief
    Haiti's new president hasn't been seen in public since he succeeded Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Guy Phillipe says he's the new chief of police, but the US says it won't recognize the authority of the outlaw rebel leader, and the US Marines have blocked his soldiers from chasing down supporters of Aristide. The BBC's Stephen Gibbs is following the political chess game being waged by Phillipe and former president, Jean-Claude Duvalier.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Sex Discrimination against Women Ski-Jumpers
    In Norway this week, only the winner of the men-s ski-jumping event soared further than 18-year old Norwegian Anette Sagen. Despite that performance, the International Ski Federation says it-s unlikely that women-s jumping events will ever make it to the World Cup, World Championship or Winter Olympics. Sagen, who recently won the first-ever women's event at the Holmenkollen ski competition, says that may be changing.

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