Kerry Picks John Edwards as His Running Mate

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Blue-blood John Kerry has chosen a blue-collar, self-made-millionaire as his vice presidential running mate. A former trial lawyer in his first term in the Senate, North Carolina-s John Edwards took only one primary state, but he demonstrated a common touch that wowed audiences all over the country. While the choice may have surprised some people, the Republican National Committee has already published a 28 page paper called, -Who is John Edwards?- Needless to say, the answers aren-t very flattering. Warren Olney discusses what he brings to the Democratic ticket, and what Republicans are doing to puncture the Edwards balloon, with journalists in Washington and North Carolina, a republican strategist and a former advisor to President Bill Clinton.
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    In Afghanistan, the mandate of President Hamid Karzai ran out in June. To establish legitimacy, he needs to hold an election as soon as possible, but he-s battling a tough insurgency. UN workers have not yet been able to count the eligible voters and they-re still struggling to set up the electoral machinery. We hear from the US ambassador, a spokesman for President Karzai, and others, about whether the Afghan President can get a vote of confidence in time to stabilize the country.

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