Kids, Toys and Virtual Violence

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One commentator says, -It looks like Barbie went ballistic,- She-s talking about Forward Command Post--a dollhouse that-s part of a combat zone. JC Penny and others are selling it for children five years and up. Yet, as this Christmas season brings war toys for four and five year olds, video games are more brutal than ever. In many of the games which are supposedly for adults only, participants act as criminals bent on murder and the abuse of women. Does violent play turn into violent action? In this age of virtual reality, an old question takes on a powerful new urgency. We hear a spirited discussion about children-s toys, parental behavior and consumer demand from members of a group opposed to violent games for children, video and toy industry trade organizations, and experts on the impact of media on children.
  • Newsmaker: Senator Lott Resigns as Majority Leader
    The apologies didn-t work for Trent Lott, who resigned today as Majority Leader of the United States Senate. His written statement comes barely a week after public comments construed as racist. Earl Black of Rice University in Houston, and author of The Rise of Southern Republicanism, considers the impact of Lott-s action of the Republican party, the President and the nation.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: Harry Shearer on Politicians and Apologies
    Trent Lott resigned today as Majority Leader of the US Senate, after days of apologizing for his now famous remark about Strom Thurmond-s 1948 segregationist presidential bid. Many commentators thought the Senator might have apologized too much. Satirist Harry Shearer shares his own thoughts about Lott,-serial apologies- and credibility gaps.

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