Latte Liberals and Heartland Conservatives

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Since we first broadcast this program from KUOW in Seattle, Republican Dino Rossi has conceded the Governorship to Democrat Christine Gregoire, who beat him by just 129 votes. Democratic US Senator Maria Cantwell was elected by only 2000 votes. Razor-thin margins like those make Washington State a classic example of America's polarization between the Red and the Blue-and the urban versus the rural. What happened to the radical populism that once held sway in America-s heartland? How did libertarians find common ground with religious conservatives? Have new social priorities led many people to vote against their own economic self-interest? On this archived edition of To the Point, Warren Olney speaks with journalists, political scientists, evangelicals and a self-described "liberal Republican."
  • Making News: G8 Leaders to Meet in Scotland
    On Wednesday, leaders of the G-8 industrial nations are scheduled to meet in Scotland, but they're so politically weakened at home that one observer calls them "the walking dead." Mary Dejevsky, chief editorial writer of the Independent newspaper in London, has a preview of what to expect.
  • Reporter's Notebook: The Moving Sands of Malibu Beach
    On mile-long Broad Beach, state officials have been trying to get Malibu property owners to replace sand scooped up by giant earth movers from public territory beyond the high-tide line. Homeowners used the sand to construct an 8-foot berm in front of their houses. Until it's replaced, people who don't own multi-million-dollar beach homes will have no place to put their towels. Lisa Haage is Chief of Enforcement for the California Coastal Commission.

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