Leaks: National Security, Responsible Citizenship

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There-s been yet another news leak about the Pentagon-s plans for invading Iraq and toppling Saddam Hussein. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has promised prosecution for the disclosures he claims endanger military operations, and the FBI has threatened to use lie detectors to investigate leaks by Congressional staffers. But the New York Times is defending role in such revelations as -responsible citizenship.- Who are the -sources- that give out classified information? Why do they do it? Is reporting it treasonous or a public service? We hear from critics and defenders of a practice as old as government itself, including America-s most famous leaker, Daniel Ellsberg, and a reporter who was detained for questioning after he allegedly said he had a classified document in his possession.
  • Newsmaker: Boston Catholics- Mixed Response to Pope-s Visit
    Pope John Paul has left for Guatemala after a week in Canada. In Toronto, 800,000 cheered when he confessed that his church-s sexual child-abuse scandal had caused -a deep sense of sadness and shame.- But Corey Dade of the Boston Globe says the reaction was a bit different in heavily Catholic Boston, the epicenter of the crisis of pedophile priests.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Life in Mining Country
    This weekend, the nation breathed a sigh of relief when nine coal miners were rescued alive 77 hours after an accident that trapped them almost 300 feet underground. Despite the horror of their ordeal, and the chance it might happen again, some of the men say they will return to their work in the mines. Kiki Delancey, author of Coal Miner-s Holiday, explains why as she gives us a look at the culture of life underground.

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