Lieberman Still Trails a Day before Connecticut's Primary

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As Israel and Hezbollah continue to pound one another, Lebanon pleads for help from the Arab League and President Bush talks about the difficulty of diplomacy at the United Nations. Meantime, the war in Iraq and support for President Bush have Democrat Joe Lieberman fighting for his political life in Connecticut's senatorial primary. With just one day left, the latest Quinnipiac University poll shows Lieberman cutting in half the 13-point lead of his challenger, Ned Lamont. In last night's speech Lieberman finally addressed directly the two issues that have been hurting him most. We look at the Lieberman-Lamont race and the possible impact of the war and the President's unpopularity on the November elections with political scientists and journalists in the Capital and on the campaign trail.
  • Making News: France, US Consider Changes to UN Mid-East Resolution
    President Bush today held a formal press conference--unusual during vacations in Crawford, Texas--to talk about UN resolutions designed to end the fighting between Israel and Hezbollah. The Lebanese government has expressed reservations about the resolution. Colum Lynch is UN Correspondent for the Washington Post.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Rusty, Leaky Pipes Cause BP to Shut Down Alaska Pipeline
    BP is shutting down America's biggest oil field due to corrosion in pipelines. The Prudhoe Bay oil field accounts for 8% of America's domestic production. The shut-down itself could take up to 36 hours. Then comes the time required to determine just how much of the pipeline will have to be fixed and how long that's going to take. Peter Coy, Economics Editor at BusinessWeek magazine, has details on the shutdown and its impact on the price of gasoline.

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