Living with Terrorism and Lessons from Overseas

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It's been a month since September 11. Osama bin Laden says there's more to come, and US officials say that now is the time to prepare. What would a "holy war" against the US really look like? We look at terrorists and their objectives, whether they want to rule the world or simply cause others to live in fear. We'll talk about the psychology of trauma and living with a new sense of vulnerability, especially among Palestinian Americans. We'll also hear about life in London, where the financial district is under surveillance by closed circuit TV, and in Israel, where restaurants require diners to pass through metal detectors.
  • Newsmaker: Pakistan Update - After getting approval to conduct operations there, at least 15 US military transports and other aircraft have arrived at a Pakistani air base in the last two days. But that country's support for the US remains a delicate issue. The BBC's Susannah Price says Pakistani soldiers are being deployed in several cities ahead of expected pro-Taliban rallies.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Afghan Women's Opposition Group Denounces US Bombing - Long before the Taliban and the Soviet occupation, the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan was formed to protest the brutal repression of half that country's population. Now, even with the Taliban on the run, RAWA spokeswoman Sahar Saba says there's fear and uncertainty over who will replace them.


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