Lori Berenson Verdict

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In Peru, American Lori Berenson has been sentenced to 20 years for collaborating with terrorists. Sympathizers call her the victim of a tyrannical justice system. Peruvian public opinion is not on her side. Human rights groups are troubled by circumstantial evidence and some of Berenson's own statements. We explore Peru's changing political landscape, attempts to rally support, and expectations of President Bush and Peru's President-elect Toledo, with sympathizers, American and Peruvian human rights activists, and a former US ambassador to that country.
  • Newsmaker: Mexico in Recession - Latin America At The Brink? - Mexico's President Vicente Fox has admitted that his nation is in a recession. Peter Smith is director of Latin American Studies at the University of California at San Diego. He says that initial economic expectations after the Fox victory were unrealistic, and explains why Mexico's slowdown is critical to the floundering Latin American economy.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Bush Loses Favor, Poll Says - In today's New York Times/CBS News poll, those surveyed rated environmental protection over energy production by a margin of two to one, but far more believed that President Bush believes the reverse. Gregg Easterbrook, of The New Republic, addresses whether the oil men running the White House are out of step with the country.

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