Machines with Souls

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Though they differ on the timeline, many researchers predict that artificial intelligence will soon surpass the human mind. Eventually it will even combine non-biologic and human-like intelligence. Will such "thinking machines" become humanities greatest achievement or a race of immortals that make us obsolete? We explore the development and dangers of artificial intelligence, its commercial possibilities and pressures, and even some enigmatic ethical issues, with a science fiction writer, a theologian, and the researchers who are already turning science fiction into reality.
  • Newsmaker: Supreme Court Rules - The US Supreme Court has ruled that campaign contributions by political parties are subject to spending limits when they're coordinated with the candidates involved. Warren Richey, of The Christian Science Monitor, has more on the decision that's certain to please Congressional campaign finance reformers.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Genetic Privacy - President Bush now wants to prevent insurance companies from denying medical coverage based on a person's genetic predisposition to diseases he or she may never actually get. UCLA Medical School's Greg Stock elaborates on the viability and vulnerability of genetic discrimination.

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