Maher Arar and the Practice of Extraordinary Rendition

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Torture is illegal under United States- law, but is the US sending terror suspects to foreign countries where interrogators can use any means necessary to get what they want? Maher Arar, a Canadian software engineer, claims he was transported to Syria, kept in a grave-sized cell, and beaten until he confessed to false charges. Attorney General John Ashcroft says the US was within its rights, and Syria denies the torture ever occurred. We speak with Arar and hear more about this case of -extraordinary rendition,- a top-secret weapon in the war on terror, with journalists who've been covering the story, experts in international and diplomacy, including one at the Center for Constitutional Rights, which has filed suit on behalf of Maher Arar.
  • Making News: Chaos in Haiti
    After days of bloody violence in Haiti, Secretary of State Colin Powell is talking to Canada and nations of the Caribbean to see if they can provide police support to the embattled government of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Kathy Klarreich, who is in Cap-Ha-tien for Time magazine, has more on Haiti's increasing political suppression, deteriorating economy and escalating violence.
  • Reporter's Notebook: San Francisco Flouts State Law, Marries Gay Couples
    San Francisco-s newly elected Mayor, Gavin Newsom, admits he is flouting state laws against same-sex marriage. But, he says they violate California-s constitutional ban on discrimination. So, yesterday, he issued the nation-s first licenses to gays and lesbians who wanted to marry-and marry they did. The first was a couple that-s been together for 51 years. We speak with Del Martin and Phyllis Leon about history, politics and a lifetime together.

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