Malaise in the Military

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Donald Rumsfeld reportedly was urged to stay on for a second term, but even the President is conducting damage-control after the Defense Secretary's responses to soldiers' questions about poor equipment and extended tours of duty. On Capitol Hill, Democrats are calling for Rumsfeld's resignation, and even some Republicans are hopping mad. But arms and equipment aren't the only things worrying the patriots who serve in what's advertised as the best-equipped, most efficient military in the world. Some soldiers are going to court to contest the forced return of discharged veterans to active duty. We hear more about the political fall-out and the impact on soldiers' morale from journalists in Washington and Iraq, a former West Point graduate who represents the soldiers contesting being recalled to active duty, Iraq veterans, and a spokesperson for the Pentagon.
  • Making News: OPEC Announces Production Cuts
    Six sailors are missing in heavy weather after an oil tanker split open, spilling thousands of gallons of fuel oil in the Aleutian Islands. Meantime in Cairo, OPEC agreed to cut production to avoid further reductions in the price of oil. Peter Coy, economics editor for Business Week magazine, says high gasoline inventories and market dynamics will bring relief to Americans despite OPEC's decision to cut supply.
  • Reporter's Notebook: International Space Station at Risk of Running out of Food
    A Russian supply ship is scheduled to dock with the International Space Station on the day after Christmas. Until then, American astronaut Leroy Chiao and Russian cosmonaut Salizhan Sharipov are eating and drinking very carefully. The crew is supposed to have 45 days worth of food and water, but as we hear from Gwyneth Shaw, who covers NASA for the Orlando Sentinel, supplies aboard are running short.

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