Mayor Ray Nagin Is Reelected in New Orleans

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An upbeat Ray Nagin was re-elected this weekend as Mayor of New Orleans, only to learn that massive hurricanes are expected in the Atlantic for the next 20 years. This, as an engineering study says $3.1 billion worth of repairs may not be enough to protect the levees from another Katrina. Life is hard in the "Big Easy." What's the state of reconstruction? Do refugees really want to come back? Can the optimistic mayor pull his administration together and work with state and federal officials who have their hands on the money he needs to rebuild? We speak with journalists, political scientists, geographers and residents of New Orleans.
  • Making News: US War Planes Strike Taliban Stronghold in Afghanistan
    In Afghanistan today, some of the fiercest battles since the US ousted the Taliban five years ago. From Kahdahar, Newsday's James Rupert has an update.
  • Reporter's Notebook: FBI Seizes Cash from Congressman's Home
    An FBI affidavit reports that agents videotaped Congressman William Jefferson taking $100,000 in cash from an informant. A raid on his house uncovered $90,000 in the freezer. The Louisiana Democrat says he's not guilty of any crime. Meantime the House Ethics Committee has broken a 16-month impasse with four actions, including investigations of Jefferson and Republican Bob Ney of Ohio. Paul Light is Professor of Public Service at New York University.

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