McVeigh Gets a Stay of Execution For the Moment

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The Oklahoma City bombing case is the largest in federal history but, despite its high profile-and a judge-s order to turn over everything to McVeigh-s defense-some 3000 pages of evidence have mysteriously turned up just 5 days before his scheduled execution. We talk to McVeigh-s former attorney, a federal prosecutor and the husband of one of 168 victims who died in the bombing 6 years ago. What are the prospects now for McVeigh-s execution? What-s wrong with the FBI?
  • Newsmaker: Justice Department Press Conference on Delay of Execution -- Attorney General John Ashcroft has postponed for one month the execution of Timothy McVeigh-who-s admitted planting the bomb that killed 168 people and wounded hundreds of others six years ago. We talkj with Johnathan Alter who is covering the story for Newsweek magazine.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Blind Ambition on Everest -- When Eric Wine-mayer was at the Mt. Everest base camp, communications were set up by the National Federation for the Blind/Allegra Everest Expedition. He-s now further up Mt. Everest and-despite heavy weather and howling winds-he-s planning to go for the summit this weekend. We talk with Eric to follow his adventure.



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