Medical Marijuana and the War on Drugs

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Last week, the US Supreme Court ruled that medical marijuana laws passed by voters in 10 states are no defense against federal laws prohibiting use or cultivation. The majority said any change will have to come from the Congress. In the meantime, growers and users are subject to federal prosecution, even in 10 states where medical marijuana is legal. Congress may vote on the issue next week at the same time critics say the War on Drugs has been turning into a War against Pot. We hear about the pros and cons of medical marijuana, the priorities of federal law enforcement and the prospects for change in Congress from journalists, rehabilitation physicians, psychiatrists, experts in criminal justices and a policy analyst with the White House office of the Drug Czar.
  • Making News: Nuevo Laredo's Police Chief Slain First Day on Job
    Yesterday, Alejandro Dominguez became the police chief of Nuevo Laredo in the state of Monterrey, Mexico. He said he was not afraid of anything. Hours later he was dead, ambushed and killed by gunmen who shot him three dozen times. Dudley Althaus, who reports from Mexico for the Houston Chronicle, has more on Mexico's drug wars.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: Did Malibu Homeowners Steal a Public Beach?
    Hollywood stars are among those who-ve paid big money for private waterfront property on Malibu's Broad Beach. Their rights extend down to the mean high-tide line. Beyond that, the beach is supposed to be public--if there-s any beach left. For the past week, earthmovers have been moving sand from the public beach onto private property, creating an 8 foot-high berm. Now, the California Coastal Commission has ordered that action to stop. Pat Veesart is an enforcement team leader for the Commission.

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