Middle East Peace and Israeli Elections

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As governments change, and Arab and Jewish violence continue, President Clinton makes one last stab at peacemaking in the Middle East. Israelis hope for peace but are skeptical of Palestinian sincerity. Palestinians insist on guarantees of human rights and autonomy. We talk with Americans, Israelis and Palestinians about the Israeli election, how it looks to Palestinians, and whether America's role will change with the new Bush administration.
  • Newsmaker: Medical Records Privacy Regulation - High technology has made information more accessible but has raised questions about privacy. The abuse of access to medical records has led to new privacy regulations to protect both written and electronic records. John Morrisey, of Modern Health Care magazine, tells us about the financial and personal costs.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Whose Jolly Elf? For 150 years, the verse traditionally called "The Night Before Christmas" has been attributed to biblical scholar Clement Clarke Moore. Now Donald Foster, the literary sleuth who revealed the true author of Primary Colors, has proved that the poem wasn't written by Moore after all, calling him the "Grinch" of the story.



Warren Olney