Milosevic's moment of reckoning.

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Serbia's parliament building was set on fire by rock-throwing demonstrators today; Slobodan Milosovic's troops responded with tear gas and bullets. Both protesters and police have been injured. We'll talk with a journalist close to the scene, an aide to President Clinton, and Serbians with different views of the crisis. We'll ask, does Milosovic face a critical mass of protest that will force him from office? Can Washington help to maintain the peace? What about Russia?
  • Newsmaker: Peace talks in Paris broke down last night. Israel has pulled back its tanks from three flash points, and Palestinians are also retreating. But has the violence eased up enough for resumption of the progress made at Camp David? David Makovsky is Senior Fellow at the Washington Institute of Peace and Director of the Project on America, Israel and the Peace Process.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Big companies with business before the federal government are underwriting this week's presidential and vice presidential debates. Green Party candidate Ralph Nader says it's all illegal, and-as Cheney and Lieberman are preparing for their debate tonight in Kentucky--a federal appellate court in Boston was scheduled to hear Nader's arguments today.



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