More Surfers and Fewer Waves Leads to Turf Wars

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As more and more surfers crowd the nation's beaches, surf culture is starting to look more like gang culture. With some two and a half million surfers elbowing each other for room on the swells, the term "wipe out" has taken on a whole new meaning. Take a surfing safari today to a beach where you're a stranger and you'll run into anything from dirty looks to flying fists. Whatever happened to the days of endless summer and the serene search for the perfect wave? We hear more about the latest "rage" - surfer rage - from a Palos Verdes policeman, then look at the changing culture of surfing with surfers, surfing historians and journalists, a former lifeguard, environmentalist and a Missouri surfing professor! Sara Terry guest hosts.
  • Newsmaker: European Reaction to US Demand for ICC Exemption
    International diplomats have until midnight to resolve a dispute triggered by the US over the newly formed International Criminal Court. If the UN doesn't honor a US request that its peacekeeping troops be exempt from prosecution at the court, several international peacekeeping operations may be jeopardized. Judy Dempsey, diplomatic correspondent for Financial Times, explains just what's at stake and for whom.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Airport Security
    Between security failures at US airports and a mid-air crash of two planes over Germany, it hasn't been a good week for news about air travel. Aviation consultant Mike Boyd reports on our overtaxed air traffic control system, proposed updates to airport security and what it means for Fourth of July travelers.

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