Multiple Births - Miracle or Malpractice?

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Although septuplets are still rare, the increased use of in vitro fertilization and fertility drugs has vastly increased the number of multiple births. But these apparent successes are actually the result of medical failures that put both the mother and children at risk. Some fertility specialists advocate "selective reduction" to make sure the others survive. Right-to-lifers insist there must be a better way. We hear more on the ethics and practice of enhanced fertility from a geneticist, infertility doctor, medical ethicist, and a journalist.
  • Newsmaker: Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. Acquires Chris Craft - The Federal Communications Commission has approved the acquisition of Chris-Craft Industries by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp, giving it 33 stations and 41 percent of the nation's viewers. Merchant banker and journalist Porter Bibb elaborates on what the victory means for the general public, private investors, and the future of the FCC.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Navajos Honored for Use of the Navajo Language During World War II - In the 1920's, Navaho children were punished for speaking their native language. Today, they're getting the Congressional Medal of Honor. During World War II, Merrill Sandoval was a Navajo code talker, one of a secret elite band of radio operators who confounded Japanese intelligence by passing messages in their unique complex tongue.

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