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Some of Ralph Nader's best friends are warning that he may be too successful for his own good. Former Nader's Raiders are telling the Green Party nominee to back off in states where he might tip the electoral vote to George W. Bush. But on the stump, Nader's tougher on Al Gore, saying that he's "betrayed" his basic principles. As many as six states may be at stake. Today we'll ask, could they make the difference in one of history's closest elections?
  • Newsmaker: In the West African nation of Ivory Coast, General Robert Guei was driven from power only a day after seizing the presidency. With telephone lines down in Ivory Coast, we spoke with Harruna Attah. The editor of Accra Mail in neighboring Ghana says that Guei, acting as referee and candidate, has endangered the country's political and economy stability.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Traditional law requires that a suspect be named in an arrest warrant. While prosecutors in six states have cited DNA as evidence in filing "John Doe" charges, California is the first state to arrest and charge a suspect based only on his DNA. Anne Marie Schubert, Assistant District Attorney in Sacramento, talks about the legal precedent and potential challenges.

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