NAFTA on Steroids?

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Globalization will be on the agenda this weekend when President Bush and 33 other leaders meet to create a Western Hemisphere Free Trade Zone: 800 million customers for 11.5 trillion dollars. Opinions differ over whether the expanded NAFTA will promote growth or greed. While some call it a gift that will engender economic and democratic development, others tag it tool that will promote corporate avarice and increase class disparity. We look at the big picture with a workers' rights activist, a Latin American trade expert, AFL-CIO spokesman, and experts in equity funding and agribusiness.
  • Newsmaker: China Detains US Citizen On Spy Charges - Wu Jianmin is the forth US citizen or resident of Chinese origin to be arrested in China since December. Andrew Nathan, one of the editors of the controversial new book, The Tiananmen Papers, expounds on the continuing human rights struggle in China and efforts to secure Wu's release.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Boredom on the White House Beat - Without a sex or influence-buying scandal, will Washington's press corps run out of things to report? Jacob Weisberg, of, imagines what would happen if the "media conspiracy" were to plot President Bush's first year. Unfortunately, the first scandal won't be decided until their next meeting!


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