Napster Ruling

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Two months after opening its virtual doors, Napster was slapped with lawsuits by music industry heavies. A federal court found against the cyber-company and leveled huge penalties, but millions of Napster users and a few prominent artists continue to push for freely traded music on the Internet. What will the victory against "electronic shoplifting" mean for intellectual property rights and copyrights? We ask one of the 50 million estimated Napster users as well as cyber entertainment experts from,,, and Music (Fox Sports Network's investigative journalist Diana Nyad guest hosts.)
  • Newsmaker: Reaction to the Air Attack on Iraq - Reaction to recent US and British air attacks on Iraq has generated little, if any, support among allies. Graham Fuller is a consultant on Muslim issues at RAND, the policy research institute. He explains this evaporation of support, the effect of sanctions on the Iraqi people, and Saddam's symbolism in the Middle East.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Dale Earnhardt, Sr. Dies at Age 49 - The racing community is reeling after Saturday's Daytona 500 accident that killed stock car history's greatest driver, Dale Earnhardt, Sr. Mark Howell, who has written on NASCAR racing, recounts the irony of the day's triumph and tragedy. He remembers the man who brought rough-and-tumble old-school racing into the corporate mass-media arena.


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