National Parks under Pressure

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From Maine to California, America's most popular government program is in trouble, just as vacation season gets under way. Some 300 million people visit national parks, monuments and other federally protected places every year. Despite increased appropriations, almost 400 of these may cut services to meet increasing costs, and managers at 12 of the most highly visited facilities say they can't meet their budgets. Meantime, the Department of Energy and Bureau of Land Management are under orders from Congress to speed approval of "energy corridors" to bring gas and electricity to the booming Southwest. Will Yellowstone, Bryce Canyon, Shenandoah, and Acadia offer travelers what they expect? Do energy corridors threaten protection of parks and other public lands for future generations?
  • Making News: President Bush Turns to Wall Street for Treasury Secretary
    After weeks of uncertainty, John Snow has been replaced as Secretary of the Treasury. President Bush named Henry Paulson, CEO of the Wall Street giant Goldman Sachs, to become his "principal advisor on the broad range of domestic and international economic issues that affect the well-being of all Americans." Edmund Andrews, who writes on economics for the New York Times, says even he didn't see Paulson's nomination coming.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Climber's Death on Mt. Everest Sparks Ethical Debate
    Sir Edmund Hillary first climbed Mt. Everest with Sherpa Tenzing Norgay in 1953. This year, 300 people have reached the summit, bringing a crowd of guides and supporters to the world's highest mountain. Now Hillary has become embroiled in a controversy after dozens of people passed by a 34-year old climber as he was dying a thousand feet short of the summit. Tom Sjogren, who climbed Everest in 1999 and runs Explorers Web, says even before David Sharp's death, the Everest situation was out of control.

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