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Al Gore won the popular vote nationwide but may ultimately lose the presidency in the Electoral College, which decides the race on a state-by-state basis. All eyes are turned to Florida where today's recount will decide the presidency. We'll review the results -- and non-results -- of yesterday's election with a variety of reporters, including two who spent election night with the candidates and have been following their campaigns for months.
  • Newsmaker: Even the recount in Florida may not decide this unprecedented presidential election. Now some Palm Beach County Democrats are claiming that "butterfly ballot" may have led people who wanted Gore to vote for Buchanan instead. Steve Friess, reporter for the Sun Sentinel who is following the Presidential vote-count in Florida, explains.
  • Reporter's Notebook: First, Gore was celebrating a victory, next congratulating Bush by phone, and almost conceding defeat in public. Then he called Bush back to say, "never mind". Rob Richie is with the Center for Voting and Democracy, a nonpartisan think-tank that studies voter participation and representation. He explains what happened, and the use and misuse of such polls.

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