National Tragedy and Media Clich-s

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Though statistically miniscule, shootings have become a media clich-, surreal but stock images are emblazoned on the national consciousness, this time at a suburban San Diego high school. Journalists must walk a thin line between predictable voyeuristic reporting and in-depth coverage that could result in prevention of future tragedies. We discuss the school shootings and the media's obsession with them with a reporter who's covering the Santee shooting, an electronic-media spokeswoman, public policy researcher, and a man whose son was killed a decade ago in another school shooting. (Matt Miller guest hosts.)
  • Newsmaker: What If Cheney Resigns? - Vice President Cheney left the hospital today after tests reportedly showed no further heart damage from his latest incident. He's expected to resume a normal schedule this week after undergoing a procedure to clear a blocked artery. Tim Noah, of, talks about the power vacuum a resignation would pose and names some possible "replacements."
  • Reporter's Notebook: Weather Woes - The East Coast was supposed to be buried in several feet of snow that turned out to be only inches, but businesses face millions in lost productivity after declaring a "snow day." Jack Williams weather editor for USA, says forecasting is a complicated chaotic process, and accountability an even tougher call.

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