Neo-Cons in Doubt about the War in Iraq

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There-ve been no weapons of mass destruction, no winning of hearts of minds-and the bloodshed continues. Yesterday-s raid on Ahmad Chalabi marks a complete turnaround for the man who said Iraqis would welcome Americans as liberators after they turned up weapons of mass destruction. Was it all a noble idea that-s been poorly managed, an ideological failure, or will it prove to have been the right thing for America and the rest of the world? Warren Olney asks conservative and neo-conservative thinkers if they-re having second thoughts about the war in Iraq, including an expert in the origins of American foreign policy, a board member of the Heritage Foundation, William Kristol of the Weekly Standard, and David Brooks of the New York Times, who says his own expectations now look like -a childish fantasy.-
  • Making News: Hundreds of Prisoners Released from Abu Ghraib Prison
    In Iraq today, hundreds of inmates are being released from the Abu Ghraib prison. Some 4500 have been released over the past couple months, and Americans are describing the release as "routine." Scott Wilson, who is covering the story for the Washington Post, reports on the prisoner release, questions about intelligence-gathering techniques, and the fallout over yesterday's raid on the home of Ahmad Chalabi.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Congresswoman Pelosi Tough on President Bush
    Yesterday, President Bush went to Capitol Hill to address Republicans about the war in Iraq. At the same time, House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi repeated her claim that the President-s incompetence as a leader has put American soldiers -in harms way.- Her Republican counterpart, Tom DeLay, said Pelosi-s words are -putting American lives at risk.- Watching it all is CNN senior political analyst Bill Schneider.

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