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President Bush's reported plan to name law-and-order conservative John P. Walters as the next drug czar has re-ignited controversy over the war on drugs. The prospective naming of Walters, deputy to William Bennett when he led the drug wars in the last Bush administration, has also renewed debate over how to deal with drug traffic and drug addiction. We consider the suitability and compatibility of medical and criminal treatment, issues of racial disparity, and rates of recidivism with drug treatment experts from the worlds of medicine, law enforcement and prosecution.
  • Newsmaker: April Payrolls Down, Unemployment Up, Far Worse than Expected - After news suggesting that the much-predicted recession is not here yet, the financial world has been shaken by today's dismal report on employment. David Gaffen, of, explains the significance of the new figures and their relevance to consumer confidence, the GNP, job security, and inflation.
  • Reporter's Notebook: World War II Monument on the Washington Mall - The proposed memorial to World II veterans would be located at one end of the reflecting pool at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial. But Michael Kilian, of the Chicago Tribune, says debate has arisen over the memorial's design and the risk it poses to another American symbol, the Washington Monument.

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