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"We have moved out of one political and cultural moment and into another. We have traded the anxieties of affluence for the real fears of war." That's from a cover story in The Weekly Standard. It's author joins us for a discussion about whether the attacks on New York and Washington have really changed us that much or just accelerated economic and social processes already under way. We speak with David Brooks, the chief political correspondent for The Weekly Standard, a French sociologist, and the executive producer and head writer of The Simpsons, for a look at life in America after September 11.
  • Newsmaker: Reaction in the Middle East to Powell's Speech - After being criticized for not being sufficiently involved in the Middle East, Secretary of State Colin Powell has delivered a much-heralded announcement of Bush Administration policy. The Christian Science Monitor's Cameron Barr, reporting from Jerusalem, says Powell's speech offered a sincere tone and something for everybody.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Red Cross in Trouble Again - The Red Cross is taking heat from donors who thought their contributions to the Liberty Fund were for victims of September 11. Some of the 543 million dollars donated were earmarked for other long-term projects as well. Gilbert Gaul, of The Washington Post, discovered it's not unusual for such disasters to become general marketing events.

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