North Korea's Disclosure, Bush's Late Disclosure

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President Bush calls North Korea-s admission that it-s trying to build nuclear weapons a -troubling discovery- but sees a big difference between the threats posed by Saddam Hussein and Kim Jong Il. Although Bush approaches North Korea-s admission as -an opportunity- for a diplomatic solution -with our friends in the region,- members of Congress from both parties are warning that -strong and vigorous- action is needed -before it-s too late.- Does North Korea really want honest negotiations or is it trying to blackmail America and its allies into providing more aid? Can the US afford to be inconsistent in dealing with these two members of the -Axis of Evil?- We hear from Congressman Christopher Cox, who reported on Korea-s weapons program in 1999, a facilitator of the 1994 US-Korea Agreed Framework, a former defense department official, and Asian expert Chalmers Johnson.
  • Newsmaker: Israel's Restrained Reaction to Latest Bombing
    Islamic Jihad has claimed responsibility for yesterday-s deadly bombing in Northern Israel, but Israel-s government reportedly has decided against massive retaliation. Chris McGreal, Jerusalem correspondent for Great Britain-s Guardian newspaper, credits pressure from the US as it tries to build an Arab coalition against Saddam Hussein as part of the reason for Israel-s restraint.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Poll Finds Young Catholic Priests More Conservative
    As America-s Catholic Bishops and the Vatican continue to refine the Church-s -zero-tolerance- policy toward sex abuse by priests, a new poll looks at how America-s priests feel about their church. David Lauter, metro editor of the Los Angeles Times, says that priests offered some surprising responses to questions raised by the ongoing scandal and the way it-s been handled by the church hierarchy.
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