Nostalgia for the Nineties

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On this archived edition for Christmas Day, we'll look at America's newest familiar clich-, that we're living through a historical moment of transformation that began just three and a half months ago. How have things changed? Are Americans finally getting serious after a decade of selfishness? Are they losing something precious they should feel nostalgic about? Or, have things really changed all that much? Did the attacks on New York and Washington just accelerate economic and social processes that were already under way? We speak with David Brooks, senior editor at The Weekly Standard, a French sociologist, and the executive producer of The Simpsons.
  • Newsmaker: Will Kids' Letters to Santa Get Answered This Year?
    Those letters to Santa Claus your children, grandchildren, nephews and nieces wrote this year: With the anthrax scare, Santa was required to take unprecedented precautions. Rick Brooks, who covers the package-delivery industry for The Wall Street Journal, laments the unfortunate irony that that may keep many lumpy lopsided letters from reaching their intended target.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Hunger in the Suburbs
    Hunger has become a growing problem in the world's most prosperous country, extending well beyond skid row and the homeless to the suburbs of America. Douglas O'Brien, of America's Second Harvest, is troubled that the government has relinquishing responsibility for feeding them to private charities.



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