Pakistan and the Hunt for Osama bin Laden

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Pakistan has not done enough to hunt down Taliban and al Qaeda militants along the rugged Afghan frontier. Now, Pakistan is beginning a -spring offensive,- and high-ranking American officers are sounding confident that Osama bin Laden may be killed or captured before the end of the year. But much depends on Pakistan's President General Musharraf, who-s been the target of assassination attempts. Can Musharraf survive an effort to root out Islamic radicals? What-s the role of American Special Forces? Are they spread too thin? What would the end of bin Laden mean for the war on terror? We hear from a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist in the US, the editor of a national Pakistani newspaper, a military analyst and a former State Department official.
  • Making News: US Diplomatic Response to Haiti Crisis
    In Haiti, opposition forces have rejected an US-sponsored compromise that would leave President Jean-Bertrand Aristide in power. As rebel forces threatened the capital city, President Bush warned that he would turn back Haitians who might flee toward the United States. Paul Richter, who reports from the State Department for the Los Angeles Times, updates the situation in Haiti as well as relief and diplomatic efforts.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Will the Parmalat Scandal Become Italy's Enron?
    Calisto Tanzi has been in jail since December, when his company triggered one of the world-s biggest financial scandals. Billions of dollars in securities fraud may be involved. Tanzi-s daughter has also been placed under arrest. What does the Parmalat fiasco say about Italy's "family-style" capitalism and its ability to compete in a globalized economy? Peter Gumbel has been in Europe following the Parlamat scandal for Time magazine.

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