Pakistan's Predicament

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In the streets of Pakistan, America's most important Muslim ally in the War on Terrorism, Presidents Bush and Musharraf are burned in effigy while Osama bin Laden is touted as a hero. The country's military intelligence service has ties to the Taliban and, perhaps, to Bin Laden as well. Yet despite a general strike called for Friday, Musharraf is so confident he's traveling to New York to visit "ground zero" and give a speech to the United Nations. We speak with defense experts about the predicament of this shaky ally and the stability of its nuclear arsenal, and with a UN spokesman about its increasing refugee crisis.
  • Newmaker: Secrecy Surrounds Detainees in US - Since September 11, more than 1100 people have been detained by the Justice Department in the biggest action of its kind since World War II. Hanna Rosen is part of a team from The Washington Post that has detailed the novel application of a legal argument used for denying bond as investigators construct a "mosaic" to prevent future attacks.
  • Reporter's Notebook: The City of New York, Returning to Normal - The nation has been in awe of New York City's resilience since September 11. But now, things appear to be returning to normal. Pete Hamill, of New York's Daily News, looks at baseball's world series, the safety of "ground zero," recent clashes between police and firefighters, and tomorrow's election to replace Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.

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