Palestinian Authority's Yasser Arafat Dies

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The funeral will be held tomorrow in Cairo, and Arafat-s remains will be buried on Saturday near his headquarters in Ramallah, but the legacy of Yasser Arafat is still hotly debated. Was he the revolutionary leader of an oppressed people or a terrorist who refused to make peace? Can ancient differences be resolved at last? Can America help avoid more violence and chaos? We go to Ramallah, Jerusalem, Cairo and Washington for different perspectives on what all sides call a -historic moment.-
  • Making News: Palestinians React to Arafat-s Death
    Yasser Arafat died before dawn today in a Paris hospital, but the cause of his illness remains a mystery. In the West Bank and Gaza, thousands of Palestinians are expressing their grief in the streets. Daoud Kuttab, director of the Institute of Modern Media at Al Quds University in Ramallah, has Palestinian reaction to Arafat's death and a look at plans for tomorrow's funeral as well as an upcoming election to replace Arafat.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Armament, Medicines Boost Hopes for Today's Soldiers
    On this Veteran-s Day, American soldiers are dying in Iraq and other parts of the world, but many are surviving wounds that have killed combatants in past wars. After a bombing at a Baghdad restaurant, the Chicago Tribune's Stephen Franklin helped a colleague get help at an Army hospital. There, he was exposed to what future veterans are going through. Franklin reports on advances in armament and medicine, and what they mean for America-s armed forces-and their families

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