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One of the most controversial Clinton programs inherited by Pres. Bush is the war on drugs. Plan Colombia is spending more than a billion American dollars to eradicate coca plants in areas controlled by leftist guerillas, and to bolster Colombia's military effort against the guerillas themselves. Will this high-risk strategy lead Bush into a Vietnam-like quagmire? How will the war on drugs affect Colombia's 36-year civil war? We assess the strengths and weaknesses of the players and the plan, with a White House drug policy official, foreign affairs expert, those who teach national security strategy, and those who write about it.
  • Newsmaker: Greenspan on California's Energy Woes - Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan told Congress yesterday that the US economy has stopped growing. Rebecca Smith, energy reporter for the Wall Street Journal, says he also voiced concern about how California's officials are addressing the energy crisis, and his concerns that it could spread nationwide.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Super Bowl Ads: Beer 21, Dot.Coms 0 - The Super Bowl isn't just about football. In the world of advertising it's "Oscar night." Advertiser Michael Jeary takes us on a journey from the 1984 commercial that put Macintosh on the map through last year's extravagance of spending - and to what we might expect this year.

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