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July 4th normally marks the middle of vacation season for millions of Americans, but this year, the international travel industry is in trouble. American travel to France has fallen so much that the French Tourist Office has started a new campaign. Yet such incentives may not be enough to get reluctant travelers to fly there or anywhere. Frances' slump in tourism is just a symptom of what-s troubling the travel business worldwide. September 11, SARS and the sagging economy have hit the airlines hardest of all. The Automobile Club says more people than ever are staying in this country and vacationing in their cars. We look at the troubled state of the travel industry with travel journalists, a savvy traveler, and consultants to and public relations agents for the travel industry.
  • Making News: US Decides Role in Liberia Crisis
    As President Bush prepares for next week-s tour of Africa, it-s now almost certain that American troops will be dispatched to Liberia. Earlier today, Secretary of State Colin Powell said he believes that stability in Liberia is dependent on the promised departure of that country's President, Charles Taylor. Foreign policy reporter Michael Dobbs is following the story for the Washington Post.
  • Reporter's Notebook: McDonald's Researching Animal Welfare
    You don-t think of McDonald-s Burger King, KFC or Wendy-s as being kind to animals, but there are big changes under way at pens, corrals and slaughter houses all over the country. David Barboza, business correspondent for the New York Times, looks at the questions being asked and the bottom-line motivation behind those questions.

President Bush on Africa trip

Dobbs' article on President Bush's trip to Liberia

French Tourist Office

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