Policing Domestic Muslim Radicalism

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Eric Holder has become the first Attorney General to address a national Muslim group at a time when Muslim-Americans are divided over the anti-terrorist tactics of the FBI. Are agents over-zealous? Are Muslim-Americans themselves doing enough to combat radicalization? Also, a Virginia Judge rules Obama's healthcare bill "unconstitutional." On Reporter's Notebook, federal law keeps them secret, but the Washington Post has learned the names of the top US gun dealers whose weapons turn up at crime scenes in Mexico. So why isn't more being done to stop the traffic?

Banner image: An arsonist set fire to the Salman Al Farisi Islamic Center (seen here on November 28, 2010) in Corvallis, Oregon, which was sometimes attended by suspected Portland car bomber, Somali-born Mohamed Osman Mohamud. Photo: Craig Mitchelldyer/Getty Images