Political Reaction to School Shootings

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In the few days since Charles Andrew Williams allegedly killed two classmates and wounded 13 at his high school near San Diego, the US has experienced a wave of school shootings and threats. Again the media presents numbing coverage, schools scramble to improve policies and personal relationships, everyone seeks an end to the mayhem. We look at the availability of guns, endeavors to prevent future violence, and the media's coverage of such tragedies, with a former education secretary, journalists, and legal experts. (Matt Miller guest hosts.)
  • Newsmaker: House Vote on Bush Tax Cut - The first installment of President Bush's tax cut is expected to get narrow approval in the House today, but Senate Democrats, who have criticized the plan for threatening monies for needed social programs, are expected to demand a rewrite. Dave Rapp, of Congressional Quarterly, assesses the politics and policy of today's House action.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Furor over Dale Earnhardt Autopsy Photos - The Orlando Sentinel has requested autopsy photos of Dale Earnhardt in the wake of his fatal racing accident, but Earnhardt's family are calling it a sick invasion of privacy. Tim Franklin says his paper only seeks to determine if the injuries were preventable. Tim Nickens, of the St. Petersburg Times, recalls a similar case.

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